Yoga w/ Genevieve Stynes

I am Genevieve Stynes and with a history of classical and contemporary dance and 23 years of yoga practice and teaching, I guess you could say I’ve never stopped moving, learning about and educating my body and imparting all that I know to people who are interested in what I do. I love what I do. The style of yoga I teach is about connecting to the body, mind and breath and is based on correct physical alignment through the practice of the yoga postures, incorporating the Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin traditions (with some contemporary dance flow movements as well), at a level that is appropriate to the individual student. In all arenas of my teaching, I make it my priority to consider all levels of movement capabilities, so that the benefits are extremely positive. The nature of how I teach my yoga classes is in my principle business, Yoga at Your Place – a mobile yoga service of private classes to people in their home and general yoga classes to people in their workplace. I also have a boutique yoga studio, Yoga at the Blue Door, in West Perth where I hold classes and workshops. I don’t believe that yoga is a “cure” for anything but I do believe it is an amazing practice to learn the skills to apply to daily life to help maintain and improve on a wonderful, enriched and youthful quality of life.