Yoga Nidra Meditation w/ Puja Hart

Into the Deep – Yoga Nidra / Meditation with Moksha and Puja.
We all experience struggles and trauma in our lives. This can most often show up in our physical bodies as headaches, neck or shoulder tension, gut issues etc. Yoga Nidra – “Yogic Sleep” – is a deep relaxation technique moving systematically through the body using what psychologists call “habituation”. The meditation works by using repeated stimuli to cause a diminishing response. By bringing your attention repeatedly to sensations in the body you become habituated and can then forget the sensation altogether. This “forgetting” of the outside world allows you to draw attention inward. A cognitive-behavioural therapist would describe this as “brain plasticity ” or the ability to disengage old neural pathways and reinforce new healthy ones. Yoga Nidra is essentially making space for the brain to rewire negative thought patterns and destructive habits. In a state of deep rest, there is a decrease in respiration and heart rate and increased digestion. You will leave feeling a sense of deep awareness, restfulness and connection with your body, mind and soul.