The Little HOO-HAA!

“Loved that it was enjoyable for both parents and children. I think I laughed more than the kids!”

The Little HOO-HAA! Is a theatrical rollercoaster of comic sketches, song, slapstick and fun stuff that kids like. It’s interactive, hyperactive and other superlatives. Spend an hour at the theatre and let your kids lose it with laughter. Two teams of comedians go head to head in a battle of wits and comedy kerfuffle. You vote on your favourite team and decide the show’s winner. Songs, sketches and slapstick are all part of the fun as we think quick and you laugh hard. A show of pure delight and unabashed enjoyment. If you are looking for a fun family School Holiday event then this is it. Mum and Dad will have just as much fun as the young ones. Interactive, engaging and hilarious, The Little HOO-HAA! Is big laughs for little people. 

“Wonderful introduction for my grandson to a live comedy performance. Thumbs Up!”

“The best show I took the kids to see over the holidays”