The Justin Walshe Folk Machine

The Folk Machine is a sprawling acoustic storm of bluegrass instruments and wild storytelling with an irrepressible sense of humour and showmanship. From brooding convict tales to barnstorming bluegrass, The Folk Machine is notorious for their mischievous and rowdy live shows, rambunctious storytelling, high-calibre playing and off-kilter songs.The band draws from American bluegrass music traditions but presents their local stories in an unashamedly and uniquely Australian way. This is Australian bluegrass or ‘mongrelgrass’ as they like to call it. Their latest album, The Great Escape, is a barnstorming hoedown of full speed originals celebrating all the glory and angst of escaping from all facets of our flailing lives and, for the first time in their storied career, have truly harnessed the wild energy of their live shows in an album you just can’t turn up loud enough.