The Albany Shantymen

The Albany Shantymen are just a group of blokes who like singing maritime folk music together. We come from all walks of life and many different countries. We have taken diverse musical journeys to arrive together as a shanty group with influences from punk, choral, heavy metal, trad folk, rugby song and shower singers. We try to make an active contribution to the community of the old port city of Albany and WA. Shanty music is all about teamwork and we love to help people start new shanty groups. We are particularly pleased to have been one of the groups that organised Australia’s first shanty music festival. We enjoy Shanty music’s connection to maritime history. We like to weave local folk tales into new songs of the sea. But mostly we love the feeling that this music gives us as we bring people together with drinks, cheer and song to make a merrier world. When you are at our gigs please feel free to join in clapping, stamping and singing along.