Major Swing

The Major Swing Project explores a modern variant of the 1930’s Manouche inspired gypsy sound, with the music being heavily influenced by Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France. Weaving their own independent sound around folk influences and tinkering into a swing flavour with their very own original repertoire. Essentially the music becomes a sculpture . . .

The Major Swing cats are a hoe-down of fun for all demographic. Playin’ a hoot of tunes from the Wild West, folk flavours and favourites and even some dancing choreography to warm up your toes into your Saturday night!

Major swing will make ya swing guaranteed, and are on their mission to take some of your fave songs and artists, create a mash up and turn them into their own country folk style.  

Major Swing are also playing on Kaleidoscope stage, so be prepared for some education on the instrumentation, some question and answer, some dancing steps, kids sing along fun and some crowd participation and interaction. 

Featuring the gorgeous Catrin Enderlein (GERMANY) on mandolin and vocals, Pawel Kurterba (POLAND) on gypsy guitar, Sämmy Lemon (FRANCE) on drums, Ben Newton (NSW) on guitar and our very own Little Miss Squeezebox (aka Nikki Dagostino) on Piano Accordion.