Kat Wilson

Kat Wilson’s unique and beguiling voice is entirely her own. Her songs effortlessly fuse pop with coastal blues and just a dash of folk, and she has ability to shred on her guitar with the best of them. Know this, and you may just come close to understanding what Kat Wilson was put on Earth to do.

“The vocal haunts of Kat can be likened to taking a plunge into a wintery sea: bone-chilling but utterly refreshing.” – Joe Harris, Tone Deaf.

“When Kat Wilson took the stage, it didn’t seem right for her to give it back.” – The Music.

“And then there’s the voice. It’s dreamy and ethereal, it sounds like summer, and Wilson has the lyrical sensibilities to put it to use telling the sort of observational stories that make you feel like she’s singing about and to you.” – Around The Sound.