Kankawa Nagarra (Olive Knight) Trio w Lucky Oceans & David Hyams

Kankawa Nagarra is a Walmatjarri Elder and blues singer-songwriter from the isolated desert community of Wangkatjungka in WA’s East Kimberley Kankawa fell in love with the blues after hearing it on the radio as a young woman, the music reminding her of the repetitive sounds and rhythms of the traditional Aboriginal music she was brought up with in the desert. She did not own her own guitar until she was 40 but went on built an international career as a touring artist singing the blues in her own language, and has released three albums since then. 2019 saw her on the road with Hugh Jackman as part of his production, “The Man, The Music” Kankawa recently collaborated with Lucky Oceans (pedal steel, dobro) and David Hyams (harmonica, guitar) as part of the 2021 “Songs of Freedom” event, leading to this new trio line up which debuts at the festival. This unique and inspiring performer is also well-respected elder, teacher, mentor, human rights advocate, and political activist.