Working as a volunteer ? what we offer, and what we expect from you

Working as a volunteer
Photo courtesy Tony McDonough

You should find everything here that you need to know about volunteering at the festival. Things may sound a little complex at first, but with almost 500 volunteers doing many types of work before, during and after the festival we have a lot to cover.

If you register as a volunteer, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood this information. If you have any questions you should email our Volunteer Manager at [email protected]

Application process

Our application process is online. If you have volunteered in the last couple of years you will be contacted before Christmas to ask if you?d like to return next year. Applications from new volunteers to fill remaining places open 13 January 2020 and are filled within weeks of being advertised. Click on the ?Sign Up? link on our Volunteers page, which becomes active on this date. Subscribing to the Fairbridge Festival volunteer mailing list will ensure you receive timely notification of how and when to apply.

When you apply, your availability and preferred work area are noted. If you?re unfamiliar with our various volunteer roles see our job descriptions.  Once placements are completed, your roster will be emailed to you for confirmation. Confirmation and acceptance of the roster is required within 72 hours, otherwise it may be cancelled, and the shifts re-allocated to someone else in the queue.

As far as possible, our volunteers are assigned to a single area and perform the same task for all shifts. This is primarily to minimise the time needed during the festival to train you in different roles, and hence maximise your effectiveness.

If you delay applying until a couple of weeks before the festival, we can?t guarantee that you will obtain a position in your preferred area, or there will be enough shifts remaining in any area to make up the hours you require to qualify for free entry.

We only sign up the number of volunteers actually required in each area. If an area is not listed on the online application form by the time you apply this is because it?s already fully booked. We don?t operate a waitlisting policy, but you can indicate a preference for a place in a particular area should one come up due to a cancellation.

Those volunteering to help with Children?s and Youth activities will require a valid Working with Children Card (WWC card). If you don?t already have one, please email [email protected]. We will forward you the necessary paperwork required to apply via your local Post Office.

A WWC card is valid for three years and, as a festival volunteer rather than a paid employee, it will only cost you $11.

Youth volunteers

A minimum age of 18 applies in most areas, but the following areas have positions for volunteers under 18:

  • Face painting ? aged 14 and over
  • Table Top Troopers ? aged 14 and over if working with a parent on the same shift
  • Backlot, Volunteer Central, and Waste Sorting ? aged 16 and over

To encourage participation by the whole family we reserve all our Under 18 volunteer places for children or youth whose parent, guardian or other family member is also volunteering. Two guidelines apply to all applications:

  1. The parent or guardian must also be a volunteer, unless the child/youth volunteer is being brought by friends, in which case a member of this family must be a volunteer.
  2. Permission must be received from a parent or suitable guardian before the young person can be confirmed as a volunteer.

The parent or guardian does not need to volunteer at the same time or in the same area but must be on site during the times the young volunteer is rostered.

Permission is given by the volunteer who will be in charge of the Under 18, by submitting a short form as part of the application process that identifies the young people who they are responsible for.

Adults ?on shift? may be accompanied by their children, provided the child is older than 13 and approval by the area manager has been given beforehand. However, in some areas (e.g. Entry, Site Setup and Packup) it is not appropriate for children to be in attendance and approval will not be given. There is no ticket refund for children or youths accompanying their parents on shift.

If you have questions on implementation of this policy please contact our Volunteer Manager.

Pre-festival training

All volunteers must complete a short Induction Training Course covering key information about Fairbridge Festival, including important health and safety messages.  

This training session will be held in Perth on Sunday 22 March at 2.45 pm at the Cambridge Bowling Club – 39 Chandler Ave West, Floreat Park. WA.

It is mandatory for first-time volunteers who live in the Perth area to attend this induction. This is also an opportunity to meet their area manager and fellow team members, so you get to know each other prior to the festival.

Volunteers who cannot attend the induction, must liaise with their Area Manager by phone or email. Briefing notes will then be forwarded to the volunteer.


If a volunteer can no longer work at the festival, they must notify their area manager and/or the Volunteer Manager as soon as possible.

Volunteers who don?t notify their manager in advance, and simply don?t turn up, have a significant impact on the smooth running of Fairbridge Festival and increase our costs.

We therefore reserve the right to refuse your application in future years if you don?t turn up as arranged.

Rewards for volunteering

We offer a range of volunteer commitments in exchange for free entry to the festival, with additional rewards in exchange for extra hours.

Options available

Option 1: Fairbridge Festival Weekend  

Most of our volunteers work a minimum of three shifts over the weekend (Friday to Sunday 17-19 April 2020). In exchange they receive free entry and only need to pay for camping. Shift lengths are almost all three hours and are normally spread across the weekend to make it fair for everyone.

Volunteers who assist by working an extra shift over the festival weekend will earn a complimentary voucher to the value of $15. This can be used at the food stalls or Festival Shop.

Option 2: Before or after the weekend

  • Site setup or packup 
    • Site Setup (Tuesday to Thursday, 14-16 April) – volunteers working all 3 days receive free entry and free camping
    • Site Packup (the following Monday and Tuesday, 20-21 April)- volunteers working both days receive free entry and free camping.
  • Area setup 
    • Volunteers who help to set up a particular venue (e.g. Ticket Tent, Festival Shop or Youth Art Space), generally on the Thursday before the festival, are required to work an extra shift over their time at the festival (i.e. a total of 4 shifts) to qualify for free entry
  • Public face volunteers pre-event
    • Volunteers working on check-in or on traffic control are required to work 9 hours or 3 shifts for their free entry ticket.
  • Pre-festival assistance 
    • Volunteers working in administration or on the (marketing) Street Team for a minimum of 24 hours in the lead-up to the festival receive a free entry ticket.

Option 3: Other options

We do have a number of volunteers who help out where and when they can, spread over several of the options above. Their time and flexibility is greatly appreciated. If you would like to do this please get in contact with our Volunteer Manager who can advise what your reward package would be. 

Other ways to volunteer

Raffle ticket sales 

Raffle volunteers are required to sell at least six books of tickets during the Fairbridge Festival weekend to receive their free three-day entry (Each book contains 20 tickets at $5 each).

The signup/acceptance process for raffle ticket sellers is different to other volunteers. After your initial online application, you will be contacted by the Raffle Ticket Manager. If you have any queries, please email the festival office at [email protected] or call 9246 3311.

Last minute volunteering

If you?ve already bought an online ticket or purchased one at the gate and decide you?d like to volunteer after all, please visit Volunteer Central to see if any shifts are still available.

  • If you accept a minimum six hours of work, then you?ll qualify for a partial reimbursement of your festival entry ticket – no camping component.
  • Two 3-hour shifts will give you a 2/3 refund, and three shifts will give you a full refund.
  • Refunds are paid after the event as a reimbursement to your Credit Card

Donating hours

We welcome volunteers who donate their time. Please tick the appropriate box on the Application Form indicating you intend to donate. Your Area Manager will be in touch to discuss your involvement.

Fairbridge Festival does not support volunteer applications that are outside these guidelines.

T-Shirts are given to all volunteers who work a minimum of 6 hours.


As part of the registration process, volunteers are sent an email with a link to pay for camping. Tickets will be sent to the email address of your volunteer profile.

Volunteers should not purchase their own ticket online through Moshtix as this cannot be refunded

Volunteers must work at least nine hours to be able to camp in the Kingsley Park area.

Partners and family members who are not volunteering, must purchase their own tickets through Moshtix. Tickets for the volunteer?s camping area; Kingsley Park, cannot be selected online, so please select Fields/Oval festival camping ticket(s) for family members. A checking process will be in place to allow volunteers and family members to camp together in Kingsley Park once they arrive. 

Volunteer tickets are clearly marked for entry purposes.  Kingsley Park camping area is close to the festival precinct and amenities, but space is limited.  You are welcome to move to Fields or Oval for more space.  Remember, Oval camping area is tents and cars only.

On arrival at the festival site, tickets will be scanned and wristbands issued to you at Entry, while you are still in your vehicle.

  • Once you have selected your camping area, get settled and then check-in at Volunteer Central, located next to the Festival Shop. This is where you will receive your T-shirt and name badge.
  • Volunteer Central is your one-stop shop for any help you need as a volunteer.

Being a volunteer

  • Wearing your volunteer t-shirt makes you an ambassador for Fairbridge Festival. Therefore, a positive attitude and a courteous manner is required at all times.
  • Consumption of alcohol or drug use, before or during your shift, will not be tolerated.
  • Volunteers who do not complete their hours without a valid reason may be asked to pay for entry and could have their application refused in future years.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the festival precinct.
  • For your own safety, closed-in shoes must be worn at all times during your shifts.
  • All information and processes associated with any volunteer position will remain confidential.
  • Every year some of our volunteers work at Fairbridge Festival as part of a trip from interstate or overseas. We welcome their diversity and benefit from their experience. However, we expect these volunteers to enter Australia and make their own way to the Fairbridge Festival site, without any assistance from FolkWorld Inc. This includes sponsorship, assistance with visas, transport and/or accommodation.

Remember, volunteering gives you a different perspective and enhances your involvement in the Fairbridge Festival community ? so make the most of it and have fun!