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Photo courtesy Neil Wallave


Photo courtesy Neil Wallace

Fairbridge Festival is presented by FolkWorld Inc.

FolkWorld Inc. is a member-based, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting traditional, contemporary and multi-cultural folk, world and roots music, dance and related arts with a particular focus on family audiences. Its members share a common love of acoustic music, dance, culture and festivals, and have committed time and expertise to working on Fairbridge Festival or its associated events.


  • Present a rich, diverse and high-quality program of traditional, contemporary and multi-cultural folk music, dance and related arts
  • Provide musicians, dancers and storytellers with opportunities to perform before a receptive audience, and to interact and collaborate with one another
  • Run skills workshops
  • Maintain ticket prices at an affordable level
  • Provide a stimulating cultural experience for all participants and visitors
  • Promote Western Australia as a culturally rewarding tourist destination
  • Provide space for local crafts people to display and sell their wares and
  • Hold additional events from time to time as determined by the association
  • Offer a range of discounted tickets


  • A commitment to engage with families
  • A commitment to high quality events and services
  • A desire to encourage enthusiasm and inspiration among participants
  • Honesty and respect
  • A sense of community
  • A sense of connection: people with people, people with music, people with the larger folk movement, people with the land
  • A commitment to promote diverse artistic expression, foster creative exchange, and provide opportunities to participate
  • A commitment to provide a safe venue
  • A commitment to a healthy lifestyle
  • A sense of humour


  • Present an annual world class music festival that is family friendly.
  • Nurture both the praxis and appreciation of folk, world and roots music.
  • Foster the sustainable growth of our audiences whilst remaining true to the artistic integrity of the organisation.
  • Maintain a strong financial base to safeguard the long term future of FolkWorld Inc.
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, contractors, artists, patrons, volunteers and audiences.
  • Deliver FolkWorld Inc. activities in a way that optimises sustainable outcomes and minimises our environmental footprint
  • Deliver FolkWorld Inc. activities in a way that builds community capacity.
  • Exercise good governance in all aspects of FolkWorld Inc.’s activities.

We aim to inspire and delight our audiences from the young to the young at heart!

The organisation is stewarded by a Board of Management elected by the membership.

An elected board of management oversees and strategically guides FolkWorld Inc.’s operations. A professional management team is employed to run the operations while the artistic content is selected by an Artistic Director. The activities are rounded out by a strong team of volunteers, comprising some thirty divisional directors and a broader network of up to 350 individuals each year.

The name FolkWorld Inc. was incorporated on 1 November 2011. Prior to that the incorporated name was Fairbridge Festival Inc.

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